About us

Music for all generations.

Professional dj and leader of the dance in Silesia.
Professional Music Band APASSIONATA.
  dj Leader of the dance + Professional female vocal and live music !!!!

Enjoy wonderful, family receptions with our participation:
Elegant wedding reception, wedding reception in the form of a banquet, events, banquets, business meetings, memory recitals, carol singing, landscapes.

20 years of stage experience.

Elegance. High personal and stage culture, educated, professional female vocal, live instruments, tenor and alto saxophone, accordion, keyboards.
New stage equipment of the highest quality - Yamaha Tyros 5 and top class sound system, perfect sound both indoor (restaurants, clubs, ballrooms) and in the open air - 7000 vat.
Professional musical frame at a high level.

Professional LEADER OF THE DANCE with 20 years of stage experience, live instruments. Wonderful warmth and unusual spell of memories will be added by a professional, warm, low female vocal, well-chosen repertoire of memories, which will be hosted in your mind for a long time after the reception.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Leader of the dance - Łukasz - 20 years of stage experience in leading all kinds of live parties - weddings, banquets, New Year's Eve, business events, carol singing, etc. 20 years of experience as a  saxophonist and clarinetist. Keyboard, accordion, vocal. High personal and stage culture, diction, the organizer of games for adults, the level of selected games, great music adjusted to wishes of each individual client.

Female voice - Izabella - professional female vocal, long-term musical and vocal education, warm-deep voice will certainly enhance your party. The greatest repertoire of memories, unforgettable Polish melodies of old, wonderful days. Keyboard instruments - piano, Yamaha Tyros 5. The organizer of musical and vocal games for children. High personal culture a huge musical sensitivity, diction, elegance, higher education.
Vocal repertoire: A. Janar, K. Giżowska, Z. Sośnicka, I. Jarocka, G. Świtała, A. Majewska and many other unforgettable hits, and the always omnipresent Modern talkng, Sandra, Sussi Quatro, Olivia Newton John, Boney M. and many other unforgettable hits of the 70s and 80s. In the menu MEDIA submenu MUSIC, you can listen to beautiful songs. Live vocal without mastering.

Other requests are determined individually during a meeting in our office.
We cater Silesian, Małopolskie, Mazowieckie provinces, Poles living abroad, Germany, Austria.
We speak Polish, English, Croatian.

contact: +48 792 05-05-05