Wedding receptions during the week and at weekends!!!
We have opened the 2016-2017 season.
You are most sincerely invited. Please ask for our availability.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.
Wedding - the most important and the most wonderful reception in the life of each of us. On that special day everything is of great importance. Our beloved wife, our beloved husband, our beloved family, our wonderful guests, an elegant restaurant, delicious food... and of course, music.The musical frame is one of the most important traits of any successful wedding reception. Leading a wedding reception at the appropriate level, nice conversations with the guests, kindness and smiles from the scene, entertainment corresponding to the atmosphere of each individual reception, great music, great songs, professional-sounding vocal, all of which will always add splendor to every wedding reception, and the musical repertoire of both contemporary and old days will long remain in your memory.

Leader of the dance and musical band “Appassionata”

What do we do:

1. Everything is always agreed with the Young Couple during a meeting in our office, while signing a contract.
 2. It is you who choose the music and the musical style for your wedding reception:

Option 1. a wedding reception in the highlander-gypsy-convivial style - Don Vasyl, Golec Orkiestra, Zakopawer, sophisticated gypsy and highland songs as well as the whole Polish feast.
Option 2. a wedding reception in the style of Italo Disco - the 80s - Modern Talking, C.C. Catch, Sandra, Blue System, Bad Boys Blue, Limahl, Alphaville and many others.
Option 3. a wedding reception with only Polish music - beautiful music of the 70s and 80s: A. Jantar, K. Krawczyk, G. Świtała, P. Gąsowski, Czerwone Gitary and music of the 90s - A. Piaseczny, K. Krajewski, Demono, Zakopawer and many other.
Option 4. a wedding reception - combination of each style mentioned above.

Option 5. a wedding reception - LEADER OF THE DANCE + PROFESSIONAL FEMALE VOCAL + LIVE INSTRUMENTS (beautifully sounding tenor and alto saxophone, accordion - the stunning sound of keyboards). The first wedding dance - live vocal.

Option 1, 2, 3, 4:
     - GREAT MUSIC - the musical repertoire is adjusted to your individual needs,
     - cultural entertainment and games for adults
     -  time for children - games and songs for children.
     -  time with a song - professional singing lessons for adults.

All other requests are set individually.

Option 5.
Leader of the dance plus:
    - LIVE SOUND OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, accordion.
    - top quality keyboards -Yamaha Tyros 5.
    - top quality new stage sound system, games and entertainment for adults on a high verbal and cultural level.
    - professional singing lessons for adults - have fun with a microphone.
    - time for children with The Academy of Mr. Klex - singing the songs together by children and adults, entertainment and games for children, entertainment for children with a microphone.

Additionally paid options:
     Dance-Fitness-professional fitness instructor and a dance instructor. 45 minutes of aerobic for wedding guests - a real fitness show - a team of wedding guests.
     Licensed dog therapist and licensed assistant of dog assisted therapy - great female border collie named Bella and her companion - a wonderful 8 month female border collie named Sissi - a wonderful attraction for children.

Contact: 48 792 05-05-05.